Selling Services Full Presentation


Step 1. Understand Why You're Selling & What You Are Willing To Do.

Understand Why You're Selling: Are you the average seller that wants to maximize their proceeds at closing and close as fast and easily as possible? Or is your primary need to close as fast as possible or to get the absolute most you can get for your property? I can help here, go to “Step 2” of my process and see how.

Knowing What You Are Willing & Able To Do: Will help you decide which category above you fit into or if you are a mix of them all. The presentation of your property and your current situation in life both need to be considered in how you precede. I can help here as well, move to “Step 2” of my process.



Step 2. Brokers Market Analysis: How I Set A Sales Price

I absolutely know the “Sales Price” is very important and this section covers my process in how and why I recommend a “Sales Price” to you.

Step 2.1. Contact Me. Let me know what you expect from your representative. Then you and I will verify some “County Tax Assessor” data about your property. If the “County Tax Assessor” is unaware of some parts of your property, I will make note of these missing pieces as well as what data is incorrect.

Step 2.2. I find similar properties to compare along side your property. You and I will review these together in-person or over the phone/online. We can add and take away properties as you see fit in real-time. At this time we have not yet had our "Walk & Talk" appointment, your input is critical.

*Here is my ONLINE TOOL I use with this step. Please view on larger than cell phone screen devices. Some small touch screens just do not work well here.

Step 2.3. Here is when you and I will “WALK & TALK” your property together and find added value at your property we have not yet discussed or discovered.

Step 2.4. After we go over my strategies for: Pricing / Marketing / Advertising / Sales / Negotiation you can confidently set a sales price.

*Visit my “ABOUT” page, this is my résumé for you to review.


Step 2.1. Brokers Market Analysis: Request

(Contact Me): Let Me Know Your Needs / Wants From Your Representative.

(You & I): Will Verify Public Data About Your Property, For Analysis Accuracy.

(You): Let Me Know About Any Amenities / Upgrades / Improvements Missing From Your Properties County Tax Assessor, For Analysis Accuracy.

*Any piece or part of the property not yet discussed will be discovered before "Step 3. "Listing Day"



Step 2.2. Brokers Market Analysis: 2nd Step

(ME) Find Similar Properties.

(You & I) Review Initial Set Of Properties Online Or In-Person.

(ME) Make Adjustments As Needed, Your Input Is Critical.

*We may not have had our “WALK & TALK” appointment yet, so this ONLINE TOOL (please use larger than cell phone sized screens) is very helpful in you helping me choose homes to consider. Each homes full list of photos and information is presented along with combined statistics. Can be updated in real time.


Step 2.3. Brokers Market Analysis: "Walk & Talk"

(Talk) How To Create More Value.

(Walk) The Property To Find Value Together.

(Talk) Sales Value VS Appraised Value.

(Create) "To-Do List" & "Wont Do List" as we explore your property. You and I will focus on items you and I can have done before "PHOTO DAY" and to maximize the "Showing Experience".


Step 2.4. Brokers Market Analysis: Set Sales Price

(Add) Value Added Discoveries from "WALK & TALK" appointment.



(Set) Sales Price.


Step 3. "Listing Day"

You have decided to trust me as your representative. Thank you. Now we must:

(Complete) Listing Documents.

(Review) State Required Seller Disclosure or Disclaimer Form.

(Complete) State Required Net To Seller Form.


(Determine) Showing Protocols.






Step 4. Prepare & Execute

By now you have your “To Do List” and “Won’t Do List”.

(You and I) Will have priced your property around both and have gone over all strategies I use and are prepared for the full sales transaction process.

It is now time for you to prepare for:


Step 4.2. “PHOTO DAY







Step 4.1. Prepare & Execute: Marketing & Advertising

You and I have already covered my "PRICING / MARKETING / ADVERTISING / SALES / NEGOTIATION - Strategies".

After “Listing Day” I begin creating Print / Digital / Event based campaigns to bring potential offeror(s) to your property.

(ME) Photos: Still/2D, 3D/360, Drone Still/2D.
(ME) Videos.
(ME) 360/3D Virtual Tour.
(You & I) Review Photos, Video & Virtual Tour.
(ME) Complete Properties Description & Online Searchable Sections.
(ME) Create Print / Digital / Events Campaign(s).

*Print: At Property Flyers, USPS Mail & Door to Door Flyers.
**Digital: 2000+ Real Estate Focused Website Integration. Social Media. Google.
***Events: "Brokers Preview Day", "Open House Day".



Step 4.2. Prepare & Execute: "Photo Day"

So the property is prepared for Photos. Now you and I are ready to:

(Take) Still/2D Photos.

(Take) 360/3D Photos.

(Take) Virtual Tours Photos.

(Take) Drone Photos.

(Take) Video(s)

*Have access to all areas you want photos of.

**Have all areas prepared to be viewed online / in-person as you wish them to be viewed online / in-person. My "Photo, Showings & Staging Recommendations" section covers my best practices for this.


Step 4.3. Prepare & Execute: Showings/Safety/Security

(Confirm) Showing Protocols.

Please note the following:

1. Our System Requests All Showings.2. We Will Never Ask You To Show Your Property.
3. Our System Documents Who & When.
4. Our System Requires a Background & Fingerprint Check To Be Accessed. For Your Safety & Ours.
5. I Have Never Had An Incident To Report. 
6. I Have Refused Service Many Times.
7. Choose a Real Estate Proffesional Who UNDERSTANDS & ACCEPTS the RISKS.
8. Do Not FSBO Until You View These Two Webpages. Even if you are a single man living at the property.
* Paid subscription, just provide email to view.
** Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation. Involved with our process.

main secondary

Step 4.4. Prepare & Execute: Showings/Safety/Security. Hazards and Oopsies

*Make your property "Child Safe". Examples: guns, chemicals, medications and so on.

**Anything that could cause a bad hip to become irritated: remove / repair / highlight.Examples: loose carpet, sunken living rooms, non-standard steps, low hanging fixtures, pets and so on.

***Secure / remove items that can easily be damaged.Example: look to the image, these rock easily and a item was damaged.

****Make the property "Child Safe". Expect children to be children.

*****I have never had a issue to report.


Step 4.5. Prepare & Execute: “Brokers Preview Day”

We do this very differently than the rest.

1. Our “BROKERS PREVIEW DAY” will be performed before "GO LIVE DAY". This event is to attract “Buyers Agents” that have sold a home similar to your property recently and to “Potential Buyers" through them.

2. We also invite “Team Leaders” and “Listing Specialists” as we are also, as well as “Brokers” such as myself.

3. We will put your home in the MLS so that “Buyer Agents” are assured the home is listed per MLS required standards and their commission is stated so they are incentivized to attend this event and promote this property to their potential offferor(s). This portion is subject to change in August 2024 per ongoing changes nationwide concerning all MLS entities in America. This is a potential game changer. Know that I am paying attention to this.


Step 4.6. Prepare & Execute: "GO LIVE DAY"

(Move to Active) In the MLS.

(Email) Prospective Buyers.

(Websites) On The Top 5 Real Estate Websites In Hours. Will Appear On Over 2000+ In 2 days.

(Create) Your Properties Web Page.

(Add) Interactive 360/3D Virtual Tour to, Zillow, & Trulia & Others.

(Begin) Marketing / Advertising Campaigns.

(You) Have Your Property Ready To Show.



Step 4.7. Prepare & Execute: “Open House Day”

This day is pretty much as you would expect from an “Open House” except:

**We uniquely target “Potential Offeror(s)” that have searches setup that meet your property with their search criteria.

***We also send out a neighborhood flyer allowing "Nosy Neighbors"  to visit the property one hour before the “Internet Public” arrives. This helps us focus on the rest as they arrive, you also never know if they have a friend or family member interested in the neighborhood.

****Visitors are required to send a text to us upon entering. For safety / security / documentation reasons.


Step 5. Offer(s)

(Receive) An offer(s).

(Evaluate) An offer(s).

(Accept) An offer.


Step 5.1. Offer(s): Recieve & Review

We have an offer(s):

(You and I) Will evaluate each offer based on each offers merits.

*This includes the "Purchase Contract" and additional documentation (example: pre-approval letter from their lender) as well as soft skills added information (example: conversation with each offers loan officer).

**If required, we will counter each offer(s) received one by one or as a group.

***My "PRICING / MARKETING / ADVERTISING/ SALES / NEGOTIATION - Strategies" we have already covered will be of great importance here.


Step 5.2. Offer(s): Accept or Counter

Once you accept an offer it's "All Hands On Deck and we begin to: Communicate / Communicate / Communicate and Follow-Up / Follow-Up / Follow-Up.

Receiving an offer is Great. Accepting an offer is Beautiful. Closing is Wonderfully-Incredible.

We now begin preparing to work with:

Buyers: Agent & Broker.

Buyers Agent: Broker & Transaction Coordinator.

Buyers Inspectors: Home, Termite, Roof, Water, Mold/Air, Foundation, Septic and so on.

Contractors: After repairs are negotiated.

Buyers Insurance: Agent & Processor.

Your Insurance: Agent & Processor & Claims Department. This is Oklahoma, if a claim needs to be filed I am prepared to assist.

Title: Closer & Processor & Attorney.

Current & Future Lender: Agent, Processor, Appraiser, Appraisal Review Department.

The above are the most common, each sale is unique. Other parties may be involved. I am prepared.


Step 6: Get Ready to Close

You have accepted an offer and are now moving to the closing line. From here on out we will be focusing on completing the “Purchase Contract” and other fully signed documents (example: financing agreement) involved with the full sales transaction.

In general the flow goes from “Accepted Offer” > to completing the “Inspection Period” > to completing the “Appraisal Process" > to having the home vacant for “Buyer Final Walk Through” > to “Closing Day”.


Step 6.1: Closing Day

You’ve reached the last step in the selling process. A few days before closing, remember to: 

(Notify) Your utilities that you are transferring ownership of the property to "Buyers Name" if required.

(Insurance) If you have a escrow account, then your insurance will be cancelled and pro-rated back to the day of closing. If you do not escrow and you pay your home owners insurance directly, do not put in a time to cancel until you have closed and you have cashed your check. You can send them some closing documents for them to pro-rate your last payment back to you.

(Gather) Appliance paperwork, warranties (roof, termite, and so on) you decide to give to the ‘Buyers” at closing, as well as keys to all locks and security codes. I recommend that you change your security codes, so that you don’t give out a common code you use in life also.

(Provide) Invoices for all repairs / replacements made by third parties.

(Have) A valid ID to provide for the closing process for all that need to be present. Check you ID's Date.

(Money) Prepare to have the title company wire your funds at closing to you or to receive a check.

*So much more to consider, just know I am here for you till after closing even.


Before You Continue

All of My Recommendations Are "Should Do's" & Not "Must Do's". All Are Based On My Experiences Earned:

*20+ Years Realtor/Broker Experience Through All Market Conditions.
**20+ Years of Real Estate Related Education Certifications.
***450+ properties closed. 275+ seller properties closed and 150+ buyers properties closed.
****1000+ FHA / VA / USDA / Conventional / Jumbo appraisals reviewed.
*****2000+ Offers / Counters Reviewed / Executed.
******10,000+ Showings Managed / Performed.

My Last 79+ Listings Closed
My Second 100 Listings Closed
My First 100 Listings Closed
My Last 50+ Buyer Properties Closed
My First 100 Buyer Properties Closed


Photo & Showings Recommendations

*These Next Several Sections Cover The Most Important Issues To Address Or In The Least, Understand How They Affect A Properties Value.

**Preparing For Photos And Showings Is The Main Focus. The Most Important Recommendation I Make Last & Impacts The "Showing Experience" the most. Remember: Once We Bring The Bees To The Flower, The Pollen Must Sell Itself.


****Contact me for advice beyond this detailed presentation.


1. Photo Day & Showings: Lighting

(Light) Is Your Best Friend Or Your Worst Enemy.

(Prepare) All Windows - Clean, Have Curtains & Blinds Pulled Back. Sunlight is the best medicine.

(Colored) Fixtures & Bulbs Will Affect All Other Light Sources. Remove/Change.

(Use) LED "Daylight" Bulbs For Interior Photos. See image for example/results.

(Twilight Photos) Are An Exception. Exterior Colored Lighting Can Work Here Very Well.

(We) Will View Lighting Issues Together During Our “WALK & TALK” Appointment.

*Can be tricky at times. Contact me for further guidance.


2. Photo Day & Showings: Chaos vs Calm vs Empty

(Empty) Homes Can Do Well Online & Less So In Person For A Dozen Reasons.

*Virtual Staging Is A Very Affordable Option. It greatly helps online and not so much with in-person showings.

**Whole Home Full Physical Staging is the best option and is extremely expensive. The larger the home the more expensive the home and staging.

***If possible let me capture your property before you empty the property.

(Chaotic) Range From Worst To Not So Bad. Depends On The Chaos. Never Better Than:

(Calm & Non-Chaotic) My Recommended Option When Possible.

*A Cluttered Desk Is Horrible For Photos & Distracting In Person.

**Either Start Packing or Organize.

***We Will Cover This During our "WALK & TALK" appointment.




3. Photo Day & Showings: Color

A Little Color Goes A Long Way.

*This Pictures Lighting Appears Low, But It Is The Black Rug & Furniture Absorbing The Light.

**See How The Green Trees, Blue Sky & That Touch Of Green Closeup In The Picture Make This Photo Pop.

***Less So In Person. Because People "WALK & TALK" Each Room.

****Add A Blue Or Purple Vase On The Center Table. This Works From Every Angle In The Room In Person.

*****We Will Cover This During our "WALK & TALK" appointment.





Yes. This is My Made Up Word.

Wanna Make Or Lose Value Fast. Pay Attention To These Next Few Sections.

Most Do Not Affect an Appraisal, But They Absolutely Affect Photos And Or The Showing Experience.


psychologicals #1: Mold/Fungus. Affects Showings & Photos

1. Mold shows that you have an issue or that the home is not maintained. May not be true. Both are negatives in negotiating an offer.
2. Weather you have an issue or not (requires an air & tape sample test): 
2.1. Replace/repair, disinfect, and prime with mold resistant paint. It could come up as a replace/repair item on a home inspection report. Possibly will have to be negotiated.
2.2. Look for where moisture accumulates. Often over looked areas are around the HVAC intakes and plenum, behind the washer, under sinks and the water heater closet. 
3. If causing an odor, or heaviness to the air take care of it if you can.


psychologicals #2: Foundation. Affects Showings & Photos

*Its Oklahoma, if your property has no signs of foundation issues, then wait. Whether the property (see image) actually has a foundation issue is another conversation. It appears to have one. Negative for photos, showings and inspections.

**Will affect offers.

***Will come up during inspections/appraisal.

****The crack in the foundation screams foundation issue. Remove this from the photo and it could be foundation, wind stress, street creep, or just good old Oklahoma weather related

*****We will view these types of issues together during our “Walk & Talk" appointment.

******Give me a call about a specific issue. Be ready to send me a picture also.


psychologicals #3: Clean & Maintain. Affects Showings & Photos

Cleanliness is Maintenance.

*Is this condenser unit to be replaced or cleaned? Should we avoid this being in online photos? If yes, then it will negatively affect the "Showing Experience / Negotiations / Offers / Your Profits".

**During a home inspection this unit most likely will not have enough air flow to properly cool the home per state standards. Additional negative.

***All issues that need to be avoided for photos most likely need to be avoided during the showing of your home if possible.

****We can discuss further during our "Walk & Talk" meeting.

*****Obsessive-Compulsive Friends, Contact Me.



psychologicals #4: Pests. Affects Showings & Safety.

*Extreme pest issues give an impression of poor home maintenance or that the property is in distress. Both negatives.

**This is Oklahoma and pest problems can happen over night. Just have the property as prepared to maximize the “Showing Experience” as much as you can within reason.

(Gophers) Can create tripping hazards.

(Wasps) Can be almost anywhere. Make sure playground area is cleared for sure.

(Fleas) One flea can kill a potential offer. Usually because someone has an allergic reaction to their bites

(Termites) Of course. More than likely will be investigated by a professional during the “Investigation Period”.

(Birds) Around entrance areas. Some become aggressive when they are raising their young.

(Ticks) No one wants a blood-sucker on them.

***Heavily vegetative properties. Just be normal. This is Oklahoma and Buyers need to take precautions normal for Oklahoma also.


psychologicals #5: Odors/Allergens. AFFECTS ALL SHOWINGS

*Oders & Allergens do not affect photo day, but may keep photographers away. Literally!

**Most important issue to resolve for showings. Only safety and security issues are more important.

***Smokers only like their brands smell. All non-smokers hate the smell.

****A garage can smell like a garage, a kitchen should not. We all have expectations per area of the home.

*****Over scenting is also a negative. Ask for my simple fix’s.

******Have me or a friend come over and ask for my/there honest opinion..


*You made it to the end of our Selling Services / Selling Process Presentation. 
**You should feel extremely confident in contacting me, knowing I will curtail our system / processes / services / experience to your specific needs and wants.
Thank You & Take Care.
From Realtor Ryan Woods.